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Below are brief details and where possible links to recent projects which we have worked on. If you would like further details, or a demonstration of any of these projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Conduct behaviour management web application

Kaplan online enrolment system image

Complete development of a behaviour management web application for use by schools which integrates into an existing FileMaker based solution.

Tasks included project management, database structure review, needs analysis, concept development, interface design and all development work, which includes integration of Flash and XML based charting, full internal mail client, significant AJAX integration and all PHP and database work. Development is ongoing with this project

Development demo site (Requires login - request a demo)

Europrinter website

Kaplan online enrolment system image

This website allows users to upload, or design using a flash application, business cards for commercial printing.

I was brought onto the project because the development team were struggling with technical aspects of the site and development schedules. Consequently my role included project management, technical management, and provision of high level PHP coding support and development. I also learnt a little Flash ActionScript to assist with this project.

Europrinter website

Kaplan online enrolment

Kaplan online enrolment system image

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions in the United Kingdom wanted to be able to have students enrol in their courses directly from their website, and have data immediately entered into their student enrollment database.

Working from their existing FileMaker database we expanded its functionality to accept online admissions, developed all PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, along with completing integration of the site with WorldPay.

Kaplan UK website (select Enroll from one of the course pages)

Event manager

Event manager image

Event manager is the newest of the education programmes that we have developed. This includes a significant number of enhancements over the previous programmes, including the use of WAP mobile phones, auctions by text messaging, and the integration of fax receiving to trigger system events.

Our involvement covered all aspects of programme development, including instructional design, hardware recommendation and purchasing, server installation, and all aspects of code development including FileMaker Pro, PHP, HTML and CSS.

Student programme (Requires login - request a demo)

Joule - the New Zealand Science and Technology Hub

Movie mania image

The 'complete works' a full contact, client, and content management system, which includes full tracking of website visitors, client relationship management and its own fully integrated email system.

The system is built using Filemaker pro, PHP and standards compliant HTML and CSS. Graphic design was provided by the client, however we were responsible for all graphical integration and CSS development.

Public website
Administration site (requires login - request a demo)

Roadshow bookings system

Science roadshow bookings system image

The National Science-Technology Roadshow trust delivers a range of nationally touring education programmes for which they wished to provide teachers the ability to make online bookings.

We developed a Filemaker and PHP based system, which provides real-time availability and booking details, allowing teachers to select sessions which suit their needs. Confirmation is emailed as a pdf to the teacher, including additional venue details.

The entire system is administered through web-based management tools, allowing staff to review, edit and control all aspects of booking from wherever they are.

Public site
Administration site (requires login - request a demo)

Movie mania

Movie mania image

Movie mania was the second in the series of 'Mania' education programmes we developed for the Telecom Information Technology Roadshow. Work included all Filemaker, PHP, and associated HTML and CSS, development along with significant technology integration.

Public site
Student programme (requires login - request a demo)